The Story Of My First Blogpost

First Blogpost

So, I was about to write my first blogpost and it turns out it will be a rather big one (this really takes some time when you do it right). Anyways, while enjoying a cup of coffee that was getting too cold too fast (as always) and petting Apollo on my lap, I heard a sound that I know way too good.

It was the sound of something fragile hitting the floor. After a second of shock and the initial thought of a murderer in my apartment, I calmed down and stopped writing to examine what caused the sound. When I entered the kitchen there was no denying that the familiar sound was exactly what I expected. This time ‘something fragile’ was a vase I bought just two weeks ago, hitting the kitchen floor. It was also pretty clear what caused this to happen. Although at first there was no sign of the attacker, I could see a little frightened Minnie trying to hide behind a kitchen chair. I was both relieved that theres no murderer in my apartment and concerned about Minnie being hurt. Luckily Minnie is still in one piece – unlike the vase – just a bit frightened of the sound she just heard. She watched me clean the kitchen as if she tried to accompany me and helping me with the duty she put me through. I can’t be mad about her anyway.

That is the story about how I started to write my first blogpost and ended with a broken vase, a frightened cat (Apollo was still sleeping as if nothing had happened when I came back), cold coffee and no blogpost.

I really hope this gets better over time!
Stay tuned!


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